Glowing Christmas Lights


Graphic & Life Designer

Glowing Christmas Lights Illustration
The Art of Sparkle

Be the glitter explosion you came here to be!

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to get your ​message out?

Give voice to your dreams today!

You have classes and workshops you want to teach. ​You have ideas that can change the world, but you ​don’t know how to translate them into something visual.

This is where I come in. Let’s hone in on that vision ​together, capture the feelings and get them out so the ​world can see who you came here to be!

Let the games begin.


Your Glitterologist*

*Glitterologist (noun): A powerful combination of a ​Spiritual Coach, Cheerleader, Artist and Life Designer, ​helping you clear away the mental and emotional fuzz ​so you can shine the way you were meant to!

Dreams Concept - Colorful Lights In Open Jar
Gold New Year Frame
Glowing Christmas Lights Illustration
Glowing Christmas Lights Illustration

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Event Menu

Vision Board Magazine

Gold New Year Frame

Unique Business

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Promotional Bookmark ​(Front & Back)

Lined Retro Anime Bubbles with Sparkles
Glowing Christmas Lights
Glowing Christmas Lights
Glowing Christmas Lights

Website Creation

Glowing Christmas Lights Illustration
Design Projects

Let your heart be expressed for all the world to see!


1: Goddess Convention

In our first meeting, we will uncover who you are here ​to serve, and more importantly, what gifts in you are ​waiting and ready for a bigger, fuller expression.

2. Dazzle & Deliver

You'll get to see the sparkling foundation of your site, ​to make sure it reflects your voice and your vibe.

3. Glowing Conversations

Before you go live, we'll meet one more time, and any ​last adjustments will then be made so that you website ​is ready to go*.

*Depends on the scope of the project. Some sites may ​require a second month of work.

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(*depending on ​availability)